If you are already reading this, you are on the right track.

The most important decision you are going to make, regarding the repairs to your home, is the contractor you choose to handle your insurance claim and repair your home; and yes, they should be the same person/company. Storm damage repair is unique because the contractor needs to know more than just how to build – they also must know insurance guidelines and procedures. Choosing a contractor who only has knowledge in one of the two areas will cost money, time, frustration, and very likely quality of craftsmanship.

For example: You may know a contractor or have one in the family who does great work, but he has never done insurance claim work. He has no more knowledge than you do on how to work with the insurance company to ensure there is enough money to make the repairs. It doesn’t mean he is a poor contractor, it just means he doesn’t specialize in this area. You wouldn’t take your car to a transmission shop when the air condition isn’t working, right? This is the same thing.

Choosing a contractor is not just finding someone who specializes in storm repair, you want the right contractor. There are a number of companies to pick from, but unfortunately there are more unqualified contractors than qualified ones.

First Thing to Do – Contractors Inspection

Andes Contracting recommends contacting your contractor before anyone else, even before the insurance company. The first service a contractor should provide is a free damage inspection and a recommendation of how to proceed. Make sure to always request pictures of any findings, especially if the recommendation is to proceed with an insurance claim.

When choosing Andes Contracting, you don’t have to worry about an inexperienced salesman showing up at your house. Either Andrew Wendler or Mike Wendler will personally meet with you, no one else. Both are trained in Haag Engineering criteria to accurately assess the damage to your home and Mike is a licensed insurance adjuster as well. We will provide pictures of any findings as well as a professional recommendation whether an insurance claim is necessary or not; free of charge.

Call today for a free, no obligation, no pressure roof inspection!