Andes Contracting had its beginnings almost 20 years ago when Andrew Wendler, founder and partner, started building homes in Northern Wisconsin and after receiving his business degree in marketing, he still found himself in the construction business.  To date he has been involved with hundreds of roofing and home construction projects.

It is this king of hands-on knowledge and experience that Andes Contracting was founded on, and our foundation is simple – Quality Custom Work Done Right.  We are committed to showing up on time, conducting ourselves in a trustworthy and ethical manner, providing honest evaluations of damages & repairs, completing our work on schedule, and making your home look as good or better than the day before the damage.

Today Andrew is personally involved with every project build by Andes Contracting. This gives us what most of our competitors don’t have; true first-hand experience taking care of your home. We are a full service residential contractor, specializing in roofing and storm damage repairs.  As a full service contractor we are trained in the areas of hailstorm damage, wind damage, property restoration, and the settlement of insurance claims. We can handle all your storm restoration needs from the immediate repairs to final completion.

We know we are part of an industry that carries a more negative public opinion than attorneys do these days, this is exactly why we don’t employ a large sales staff or recommend customers replace their roof when they don’t need to.  Completion of a quality job on your house is our #1 objective; we show up on time, we provide honest evaluations on damage and reasonable recommendations for repairs, we complete the work as agreed and scheduled, and we always conduct themselves in a trustworthy and ethical manner.

As a small privately owned company we can control exactly what our customers receive; both in the service and the finished product.

In closing, I thank you for your time and hope you will allow us to be of service to you.

Client Testimonials

“My neighbor recommended Andes Contracting. Andrew came over to check out my roof. He showed me the damages and prepared an estimate. He then arranged to meet with my insurance adjuster when the adjuster came out to inspect my damages. My adjuster gave Andrew the highest praise. Said that he was the easiest roofer he has ever dealt with and the most prepared. The adjuster said if he did as good of work as he did for the preparation and estimating, etc… then I should be well taken care of. Well, Andes Contracting did.

The work is FANTASTIC. Andrew made sure to take care of protecting my pool, my shrubs, and everything else. The clean up was exceptional. He even took care of a few other issues I had once the roofing got under way.  I deal in customer service every day. Andrew knows how to take care of his customers. I am also a very detailed person and a perfectionist. Andes Contracting exceeded my expectations, and trust me, my expectations are high.  And one last thing, I hate to fill out things like this, but Andes Contracting did so well, I just had to write about it.

I cannot say enough how well I was treated and how well the work was completed.  I would definitely use Andrew again if needed, without searching anywhere else.

Thank you to Andrew and Andes Contracting!!!”

John R.

My wife and I called Andes after seeing his yard signs in the neighborhood.  I did not know at that point if we actually had hail damage or not, since I am 83 years old and did not wish to chance climbing the roof myself.  However, Andrew came the following day and explained in detail what he was going to look for and followed through with photos in detail circling the damaged areas and showing me what to look for from the ground and under the eves.  He followed up the second day with the estimate for the damages, which appeared to far exceed our insurance. But after a lot of discussion he showed us how the money worked with the insurance and how we might be able to afford the repair with much less outlay than I ever thought, so we went with it.

I might say in my 83 years I have never found a more honest contractor nor a more pleasant person to deal with.  He personally repaired my air conditioner vents that were not even covered under insurance and he managed to get me a new roof on my barn that had corrugated metal before.  All told I would say he made at least six trips to my home just to explain the insurance paperwork we were given by the adjuster and to break down his contract line by line until we understood every detail that was to take place.

I would certainly like to thank him again, and all his crew for an exceptional job that I could never have done by myself.  Would I ever use his services again?… You better believe it!”

Leonard & Mona W.

Our project was not the normal roof replacement, we had ten skylights in our roof that we wanted eliminated.  Andrew sat down with us and explained how they could do that without creating the need for major interior repairs as well.  Not only did they do everything they said they would, but when they found that most of my fascia was rotten they brought it to my attention and replaced it in the same day for a very reasonable price.  Andrew and his team were wonderful. Andes is our contractor from now on.”

Jan L.

Andrew was referred to us by a friend after we had a hail storm.  We didn’t know if we needed a roof or what the insurance would cover, but Andrew met with us, inspected the roof, and explained how the whole process would work.  We filed the claim and everything happened just like he had said that it would; we even got coverage on a barn roof that we never dreamed would get included. We were so happy with everything we told our family they had to use him and he has since roofed two of our kids houses, my mother’s house, and my sister’s house.”

Nelda D.

When I called Andes the insurance had agreed there was hail damage to my roof but I didn’t receive much of a settlement so I wasn’t sure we could do anything anyway.  After meeting with Andrew he inspected the house and then walked me around showing me the effect the hail had on my siding, deck, fencing, and my roof. He agreed the settlement was not nearly what it should have been but said he would submit documentation to the insurance and work to get it all corrected.  That is exactly what he did; it took some time but the insurance did adjust the claim to include all the damaged roofing, siding, decking, and fencing – I was even able to get a new metal roof on my barn. The whole thing was awesome, a huge improvement to my property that cost me very little out of my pocket.  Thank you so much.”

Brian S.

When I needed I roof I called my Dad and asked who I should use, to my surprise he gave me a name of a roofer he hadn’t used.  He told me he had met with Andes but decided to use another company, and now that the roof was finished he wished he and gone with Andes.  They came right out, explained what needed to happen, and we got it scheduled right away. The workers were clean and professional, the whole experience was just great.  My dad even came by when they were working and pointed out everything that they were doing right. I know who both my dad and I will use if we need another roof again. Thanks for a professional job.”

Karen H.

I watched the Andes crew replace a roof across the street from my house one day and was so impressed and the quality and work ethic of the guys I wanted them to do my roof.  Andrew met with us on a couple of occasions before we contracted him and I think we talked about the Lord more than we did the roof. We were totally at piece with our decision and couldn’t be happier with the end result.  Andrew has an attention to detail that is rare to find today – so much so he spotted a manufacture defect before the install was finished and got a whole new delivery of shingles rather than trying to ignore it. We would recommend Andrew to anyone.”

Danny & Ginger T.

I am a realtor so I get no shortage of roofers asking me to send them business, but when I needed my own roof done I asked around who was best and was told I had to meet with Andes Contracting.  I am so please that I did, Andrew worked with our insurance and our homeowners association and made the whole process simple. The work was great, the guys were clean, and the customer service is second to none.  Andes is the only roofer I will call for myself or my clients.”

Jimmy H.

A few years back Andes Contracting had replaced the entire roofing system the church I pastor in Dallas. They had done a great job and I really wanted a new roof on my house so I had them out at that time to inspect my roof and see if there was damage that would qualify for replacement.  I really appreciated Andrew’s honesty but was disappointed when he told me I didn’t have enough damage to meet the standard for replacement the insurance expects. This spring we had a hail storm that was significant at my house – Andrew again came out but this time he said there was plenty of damage.  I filed the claim, the insurance paid it, and Andes replaced the roof. Just like with the church buildings they did a great job.”

Billy W.

“Andes Contracting is my go-to roofer when I have a listing that needs a roof.  To date I don’t know how many roofs he has replaced for me and my clients, but we have always been very pleased.  Andrew always answers the phone or calls back quickly, is able to get to the property quickly to take care of whatever is going to be needed, and always takes more pictures that is needed to show what the problem is or why the roof needs to be replaced.”

Leticia G.

I drive truck for a shingle distributor, so I know dozens of roofing contractors and see what their jobs and work look like.  When I needed a roof everybody at the office had ideas on how I could do it myself and save/make some money on the deal – but I’m not a roofer I deliver the stuff.  Andrew is the one contractor who is always available, takes care of his customers, and has been nice to talk to every time I see him – our top salesperson at the branch even said that was who she would use.  Andrew did a great job just like I knew he would and the branch still allowed me to get my employee discount on the material; it worked out for both of us.”

John C.

“I contracted with Andes to repair hail damage. It was a rather extensive job on home, garage, metal barn and other structures.  Andes’ professional approach with value added recommendations and attention to detail was much appreciated. I couldn’t have ask for a better contractor and highly recommend his service to anyone looking for help.”

Dennis S.

“The Andes team was very pleasant and professional to work with. They explained exactly what they would do and when the work would be completed. They were true to their word. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the roofing job, especially their efforts to make sure all the debris was picked up.  We will certainly use them again if the need arises.”

Tom & Janice B.

When everyone on the street was getting their roof replaced I figured I better have mine looked at too; Andes was doing more work than anyone else so I called them and I am so happy I did.  Andrew replaced the roofs on all three of the buildings on my property and was so pleased with him I had him replace the roof on another family property just last year. There is no contractor I trust more than Andrew, he is always my first call.”

Linda S.

The roofs I had seen Andes Contracting do looked better than others for some reason so I wanted to talk to them.  They were straight forward and didn’t try to sell me on upgrades or BS, but listened to what I wanted and agreed to deliver on that.  And they did. They kept my property clean and I love the look of my new roof.”

Yancy A.

A good friend of mine is and installer for Andes Contracting so when I needed a roof he told me to call Andrew directly.  He came out and helped resolve some issues we were having with the insurance and the roof replacement was so easy. Would recommend Andes to anyone who asks.”

Fernando G.

When I needed a roof I asked people at church and one name that came up more than others was Andes Contracting.  Andrew goes to the same church as I do but I had never met him before I called him out to my house. As a single women I had a lot of questions and Andrew sat with me and walked around my house multiple times explaining and answering my questions.  I had complete confidence in him and they did a great job. I really feel like I have the best looking roof on the street.”

Pat R.

Andrew is a good friend and has helped my wife and I was a few things on our house as we have had need and we have never been disappointed.  When it came time to sell our house the home inspector said we needed a new roof; both the adjuster and Andrew said it was very marginal damage but with a little encouragement the adjuster agreed to a full replacement.  Andrew got his guys on it right away so we didn’t have to delay the closing of the house and we were able to move as scheduled.”

Roger S.

I found Andes Contracting through my account manager at the bank, she said they had a great reputation and were a company worth meeting with.  When Andrew came out he looked at the roof and the insurance paperwork and explained the insurance had over-estimated the size of the roof. Rather than saying he would do it for the value they saved me a bunch of money that allowed us to get some other things done around the house.  These guys are honest people who do good work. I was so pleased and my neighbor was so impressed they replaced his roof after mine.”

Rob W.

“We had kind of a weird situation on our roof replacement because the mortgage had failed to pay the policy out of escrow even though they said they had.  We thought it was a lost cause but Andrew encouraged us to inquire further and between the both of us talking to the mortgage company we were able to get coverage through the mortgage as they were responsible for the policy being paid – we couldn’t believe it and are so thankful for Andrew’s experience.  He know the insurance side as well as the construction side better than anyone we have ever dealt with.”

Manny & Jamie F.

After being impressed at the work Andes had done on our neighbors house we looked them up online and saw they are A+ rated with the BBB and decided we wanted to meet with them.  Andrew came out and explained what they would do, how it worked with the insurance, and what it would cost – in every aspect he was very professional. We were so impressed we had them do the roof and are so happy that we did.  He performed everything he said he would and the shingles he recommended that we chose made our house look better than ever. If you want to work with a professional roofer, this is it.”

Anselma P.

Andrew was referred to me by a friend at church when I said I was having trouble with the insurance only covering half of my roof.  When Andrew came out before he promised anything he personally inspected my roof and showed me pictures of the damage so I could see it too.  He felt confident enough damaged existed to get full replacement from the insurance. He did all the paperwork to get an adjuster to come back to the property and met the adjuster at my house; the adjuster did agree to a full replacement.  Andrew and his crew did a great job replacing the roof and even kept my swimming pool clean. If I hadn’t made the call I would still have that ugly old roof.”

Tom B.

I have known Andrew for years but didn’t even consider replacing my roof after the hail storm because I didn’t think it would be affordable with my current situation.  But when he was out to meet with my neighbor he dropped in to say hi and ask if I had done anything yet. He did an inspection and when I saw how bad it was I knew it needed to be done but still didn’t think it was an option.  He assured me we could work out something so I filed the claim, the roof got approved, and Andrew was true to his word and we worked out a plan that made the replacement affordable for me. I don’t think anyone would have listened as much or been willing to help like this – I am so grateful.”

Dee S.

I didn’t think I would need a roof because I didn’t have any leaks but Andrew had replaced so many of my neighbors roofs I felt that I should at least ask why.  Everyone I asked had nothing but positive to say about the service and the work so I had them out, he showed me pictures or what the hail had done to my shingles and explained why it was important to deal with it now.  Everything he said made sense so I filed the claim and the insurance agreed with everything Andes had shown me. I had some things come up in my life so I wasn’t able to do the job right away and they didn’t pressure me to, simply said to just call when I was ready.  That’s what I did and they got me right on the schedule and were done in one day. Andrew even referred a great HVAC guy when I had an unrelated A/C problem that saved me over $3,000. Andes is everything I want in a contractor.”

Lucinda L.

I work in city government and wanted to make sure everything was done properly and legally when I needed my roof replaced.  I admit it was kind of a difficult job but all of the prices I was getting were way higher than my insurance was allowing. Someone suggested I call Andes Contracting and when I met with Andrew he looked at my claim and explained why my roof had extra complications but also explained he could present that information to the insurance for appropriate allowance to replace the whole roof.  I authorized him to do so and that is just what he did. There was a little delay getting the material because it was a special order color, but Andrew took care of everything and the roof replacement was done in two days. Very pleased with the entire process.”

Jay W.

Andrew met our adjuster after a bad wind storm and walked the property to discuss everything the wind had damaged on the property.  We received insurance coverage for the roof, fence, kids play castle, other personal property, and trees/landscaping. Andes took care of our roof and helped us with some cleanup that we didn’t have the ability to do otherwise.  They did a great job and helped us get our house back together before we had family coming into town.”

Susan S.

“I was one of the last roofs to get replaced in my neighborhood and I had watched so many crews working I knew the good from the bad.  Andes was one that always started early in the morning and was finished the same day, all trash was picked up, the driveway was clean, and I saw a supervisor at the job multiple times throughout the day.  My house was no exception, everything was done well and when the insurance was slow to release the last funds I didn’t feel pressured to pay money I didn’t have yet.”

Jamie J.

“I stopped Andrew when he was at another house in my neighborhood – I needed a roofer and nobody was calling me back.  My son had picked a random roofer for his roof and got a horrible job and I was considering using that guy. But from the first time Andrew came to our house I knew this guy was different, he has a great knowledge about roofing and construction in general and not only could answer my questions but could also explain why something was or wasn’t important.  When they replaced my roof, they had to rebuild a small corner of my porch where the tree had fallen and Andrew was personally present for much of the work. He inspected and corrected anything he didn’t like in what his carpenter was doing and it was no different when the roof went on. He was on-site many times throughout the day and would get up on the roof and provide instruction when it was needed.  There is a huge difference between the job my son got from another roofer and the one I got from Andes, I am very pleased with the work they did at my house.”

Loren S.

“Our family business is commercial roofing and consulting, my Mom and Day have been in the business my whole life, we know what to look for.  I was done with the current company we had been using for residential roofing so I started asking around; Andes came highly recommended by others in the industry and I was very impressed when Andrew met me at my house.  My roof is a large and very difficult roof, but Andrew wasn’t intimidated and knew how to handle everything necessary for worker safety and protection of my home. He worked with me to get the insurance claim adjusted to cover everything necessary to complete my roof properly (without cutting corners) and when it came time to do the work they did a great job.  Andes is my first call for residential roofing.”

Jeanne C.

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