Any re-roofing has challenges that new construction doesn’t, but insurance claim re-roofing is especially complicated. It requires a contractor who not only knows roofing/construction, but one who also understands insurance claims as well as finances and some insurance law; and be organized enough so they work together. Regardless of the insurance companies slogan or how nice your agent is – the claims department of any insurance company is NOT on your side. Insurance companies make their profit by collecting premiums, not paying claims – however, you have a legal document (your insurance policy) that requires them to do certain things. But, do you know what your rights are under that policy? Do you know if you are being treated fairly or not? Do you know if your claim settlement is accurate or fair? And, if the answer to any of these questions is “NO” – do you know how to correct it and hold them accountable?

All of this is what makes Andes Roofing one of the best re-roofing contractors in the area. When you call us, you are putting our years of experience in both construction and insurance to work for you.

But that is still not enough – the roof still needs to be installed.

While anyone can purchase a bundle of shingles – NOT all roofs are created equal and NOT all roofs are watertight. And, purchasing quality shingles does not guarantee a water-tight roof nor does purchasing discount shingles guarantee the roof will leak. A quality roof is more than just the material you can see; there is a system consisting of multiple products that, when properly installed, work together to keep your home safe and dry.

While we believe quality materials are important, the thing that sets an Andes roof apart from all the others is our staff – knowledge and expertise that can only come from more than 25 years of individual hands-on experience in construction. Experience that will personally be involved with your house, not sitting behind a desk.

Very few re-roofing projects are easy. Whether it is problems with the insurance claim approval or settlement, recovery of all insurance proceeds, special order products, HOA challenges, city permitting requirements, code updates/changes, rotten wood found when the shingles are removed, difficult architectural requirements, or prior poor craftsmanship (to name a few) there are always details that require special attention. Knowing how to deal with these things is what separates a roof from a good roof… an Andes roof.