Service is our guarantee.

Service is the only thing that truly separates the men from the boys in the contracting business.  I don’t make the materials that go into your house, and neither does the next contractor, we all buy them.  But the manner in which you are treated and how they are installed on your home varies drastically between contractors.

As a smaller privately owned business, where the owners are involved with every project, we are able to provide the personalized service and expertise many companies talk about but fail to deliver.  We are dedicated to complete your repairs professionally and properly, provide you piece-of-mind, and make your life easier throughout the entire process.

Our Service Promises

One-on-One Personal Assistance

From the beginning to the end of your project, you will work with the same representative, you will know who and when people will be coming to your home, and you will always have a direct phone number where a person answers the phone.

Free Damage Assessments

Each of our inspectors is trained in the Haag Engineering specifications adopted and accepted by the insurance companies. We will provide you an accurate and real assessment of any damage that does exist on your roof.

Detailed Repair Evaluations

If damage is confirmed, we will immediately measure and establish the scope of work necessary to complete the repairs. This information will then be used to prepare a written report that can be provided to the adjuster at the time of their inspection.

Insurance Claim Aid & Assistance

We are more than just a contractor; we have to be when working with insurance claim repairs. We know and understand insurance practices and guidelines. We will assist you in all phases of your insurance settlement; taking the hassle out of working with the insurance company.

You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you choose to be—
either way, we will be there to help.

Quality Workmanship

Our installers are required to follow all manufacture guidelines and local and state code requirements. In addition, every roof installed by Andes Contracting is reviewed, inspected, and approved by one of the owners – ensuring quality supervision and quality craftsmanship.

Professional Experience

Andrew started building houses over 20 years ago and has been part of almost every aspect of home construction, not just roofing. Today we specialize in exterior construction, but we have the experience to ensure all aspects of your home are working together. Your home is in good hands under the watchful eye of Andes Contracting.

Knowledgeable Staff

Because we are a smaller company every project will have the owner’s personal involvement and experience. Don’t worry about inexperienced representatives or salesmen, we don’t have them and we don’t want them.

Project Supervision

Even if you are not working directly with Andrew, one of the owners will be present and available to you and the labor crew on the day of production. But not only that, each labor crew has an additional “crew leader” who is required to be on-site full-time during the demolition and construction of your project.

When you choose Andes, you can have confidence that
you and your home will be taken care of properly.