When doing insurance work, the first thing to understand is that the cost is pre-established – Neither the homeowner, the contractor, nor the insurance adjuster has a say in the matter of the unit pricing; it is all pre-established by a third party.

Today most of the leading insurance companies have adopted a standardized pricing system set by a third party company called Xactimate.  Xactimate is a database company who monitors the market price for construction labor and materials in many markets around the country, and then sells the information to insurance companies and contractors alike.

What this means to you, our customer, is that we can guarantee your out-of-pocket expense will NEVER exceed your deductible amount when you have a replacement cost insurance claim.  The insurance policy you have been paying covers 100% of the cost to replace whatever was damaged, less your deductible.  Therefore, your deductible is the maximum out-of-pocket expense you will ever have to pay when using Andes Contracting.

If you already have your claim, then contact us for your FREE Claims Evaluation and you may find your roof will cost you far less than the deductible.